TK's #1 Compact Blush

TK's Compact Blush Pink
Product Description
This 'Candy Floss' blush will brighten up your cheeks in a soft, natural way.
Vegan, using organic ingredients, 100% mineral makeup and Australian made.
TK's Cosmetics blush is made from a silky, sheer formula that's easily bendable and long-wearing. This colour can also be matched with lipsticks and gloss, making them extremely versatile! The texture is extraordinarily soft and the colour is very concentrated – a little goes a long way!
Apply: Use the Deluxe Blush brush to gather your colour from the lid and tap off the extra. Then use light, feathery strokes from the apple of your cheek back towards your hairline. Depending on desired look a light or heavy application can be used, start lightly and gradually build up colour. If you are unhappy with application, it’s as easy as using your foundation kabuki brush to erase any mistakes!

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