How it Works


Follow these simple, step by step instructions to give your eyes the 'wow' factor! You will be amazed at how fast your lashes are transformed with TK's Eyelash Extensions.



1. Choose the eye you would like to start with, (ALWAYS Complete one eye at a time ,as you want the gel and fibre to bond,  apply a GENEROUS amount of TK’S transplanting gel to your lashes (top & bottom), while moving the application brush up and down in careful, smooth strokes to evenly spread the gel.

2. Then apply TK’S fibres to your lashes, both top and bottom.

3. Thoroughly coat the fibres with more TK’S transplanting gel to help set your lashes. This is important to seal your fibre to your lashes. 

4. You may continue this process until you reach your desired length and volume.







TK's Eyelash ExtensionsRepeat steps 1 – 4 on your other eye – *Note, the more gel and fibre you apply – the bigger and better your lashes will be!! UP TO 300% longer! When you wish to remove your eyelashes extensions, simply gently wipe off with a flannel and warm water. TK's Fibre Eyelash Extensions are safer than false lashes (no hot glue, no tweezers and no broken or damaged lashes) and better than any mascara.



   Please make sure your eyelashes are clean, and free from mascara – this allows the transplanting gel to set properly.

TK's Eyelash Extensions

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