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Hello From TK's!

Hi Kaela & Sophie here! New Owners of TK's Lashes & Cosmetics

A bit about us!

We have been  New Zealand suppliers of TK'S brand for over a year now, supplying our salons with this magical range & attending trade shows all over New Zealand.

With our 15 plus years experience in the industry owning hair and beauty salons and providing these AMAZING products we know how important quality and customer service is .

We jumped at the change at becoming owners of the TK's brand.

As we believe in natural, Cruelty Free Vegan cosmetics. Not to mention making woman look & feel absolutely fabulous inside & out.

"Now you can love TK's Lashes to. Instead of permanent extensions: which you can find  the glue irritating causing infections, resulting in loss of lashes.

Tanya originally started in 2010 with Demo Stands at Malls in Auckland and Christchurch and now we have over 400 stockists throughout Australia and New Zealand. TK's Lashes is kept exclusive by stocking only at hair salons, Day Spas and boutiques, as well as online."

- Kaela & Sophie, Owner's of TK's Lashes & Cosmetics

 A Modern Essential...Changing Women's Lives!

Forged from frustration and growing demand, TK’s Lashes and Cosmetics was born to help educate woman and beauty retail businesses on makeup application and technique while also learning how they can enhance their natural beauty without overdoing their makeup.

“The Modern woman is the all-action career, family-juggling and socialising superhero, the queen of the household and the office. She needs to be in top form every day, and what’s more she wants to highlight her natural beauty and look stunning without overdoing her makeup or trying to look like something she’s not” says Tanya Knapp, CEO of TK’s Lashes & Cosmetics.



Why Buy From Us?

TK's Lashes are the original micro-fibre EYELASH EXTENSIONS in our region. Now, you too can have long, luscious lashes anytime you like! Brush on and wash off eyelash extensions will give you the 'wow' factor. Better than mascara and our natural fibres are hypo-allergenic. 

No glue, no mess, no fuss! TK's Lash Extensions and TK's Brow Extender are every girl's 'go to' beauty solution.

As one expert eyelash stylist rightly expressed, 'It's quickly becoming part of the beauty regime of most savvy girls or girls about town.'

We also carry a Vegan, Organic, Mineral Based and Australian Made range of luxury cosmetics. They make beauty easy as well as being good for you and good for the environment.

We care about beauty. We care about our products. We care about style. Most importantly, we care about YOU. That is why all our products have a 100% money back guarantee.


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