The best thing about Hypoallergenic Mascara

Mascara.. We all use it

These are the questions you should be asking yourself when you are purchasing your cosmetics.

We all want to find the  right organic Eye makeup and this could be the best hypoallergenic mascara, chemical free mascara and of course best smudge proof mascara. So what is the best organic eye makeup for you?

There is a few things you need to consider when purchasing the right mascara. And a mascara that doesn't irritate your eyes

Just a couple Nasty ingredients found in mascara

Butylated Hydroxytoluene (BHT), a preservative
This ingredient is one of the top three most common causes of contact dermatitis, a type of itchy skin rash.

Diazolidinyl Urea, a preservative
It's a known allergen that releases skin-irritating formaldehyde that can cause inflamed and inflamed eyelids

Formalin, a disinfectant and preservative
Nearly 10% of Americans have allergic skin reactions to the ingredient, and in animal eye tests, exposure caused vision impairment.

So can you imagine what else is in your mascara?YUKK!!! always look out for non toxic makeup brands


You have sensitive eyes


All the mascara you purchase has been irritating your eyes you need to find the best mascara for sensitive eyes and contact lenses

Avoid waterproof mascara. Its not just the chemicals in the mascara Its the time it can take to removing at the end of the day and can cause your eyes to get irritated, get inflamed and can cause damage to the eye area resulting in lash breakage and also your lashes falling out.


When shopping for cosmetics or other products you'll frequently see labels that say the products are "hypoallergenic." That means they are less likely than other cosmetics to cause allergic reactions. It also suggests that these products will be gentler or even safer for the eyes or skin.

 Hypoallergenic mascara is the best you can get. If you suffer from allergies or your eyes are highly sensitive this type is the  best mascara that doesn't irritate the eyes.


 Cheap or Expensive?

We all know that when you are on a budget you always choose the cheapest item whether it is clothing or cosmetics. but it is worth it?

Cheap- If you are purchasing cheap mascara then you get what you paid for simple. Meaning you purchase a mascara for $10 its most likely to smudge or even worse irritate your eyes. Buying cheap can be harmful toxins in cosmetics.

Expensive- Now this is a hard one.... You could get an expensive mascara but what are you paying for? Are you paying for the brand or the quality? and in this expensive mascara do you know what the ingredients are? is it chemical free mascara?


So What is the best band to choose

Do your research. Choose what is the best suited for you whether it is for the best natural looking mascara and of course the mascara that doesn't irritate eyes.

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the article is about the best hypoallergenic mascara



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