TK's 6 tips for perfect eyebrow shade, shape and colour

Are you looking for ways to shape and colour your eyebrows? Do you want the flattering looks that come with having perfect brows?

We are going to cover these and much more so that you can achieve perfect brows every time while in the comfort of your own home. A number of elements need to be considered and used correctly including eye makeup, natural hair colour and shade and your skin tone.

How to choose your perfect eyebrow shade and colour

Choosing the right colour and shade is an important element that can really help your brows stand out. If you get this step right you can transform your entire look. Points to consider here include: personal preference, style of makeup, age, eye colour, skin and hair colour. Let's start with these 4 shading tips!

As a guide, follow these simple rules:

Tip 1) For darker hair and skin choose an eyebrow shade slightly lighter than your hair colour.

Tip 2) For Hispanic, African and dark skinned women you can play with darker shades of brown to see how they enhance your brows. Black brows also work and create a dramatic and powerful look.

Tip 3) For lighter hair and skin (and pale skin) choose an eyebrow shade that is at least two times darker than your skin or hair. A common mistake for those lighter complexions is to match or choose a lighter shade eyebrow. This will create a washed out look. Be brave, as you may not be used to lightly darker eyebrows however they will enhance and transform your face. If in doubt, ask a friend for their opinion.

Image: Cara Delevingne

Tip 4) As a general rule, blondes should avoid selecting brows that are too dark as they may look harsh, however eyebrow queen Cara Delevingne has mastered the art of high contrast brows with her blonde hair. It depends how you can pull off this look.

Now, for that perfect eyebrow shape!

Tip 5) Eyebrow grooming is essential and is usually done before you shade or colour your brows. TK’s recommends grooming treatments such as threading (a popular method and uses no chemicals or hot waxes), waxing (great for bushy brows) or tweezering and plucking. Be careful not to make any of these common eyebrow mistakes as it takes time to regrow those precious brows!

Tip 6) If shaping your eyebrows at home, be sure to consider these 4 eyebrow elements.

Item 1 and 4 are for your eyebrow start and end, item 2 is your arch and item 3 is the eyebrow taper. We have more info on perfect brows.

TK's 6 tips for perfect eyebrow shade, shape and colour

When you brush your eyebrows, be sure to brush them using an upwards motion.

If you have thin or damaged eyebrows why not apply an eyebrow rejuvenator serum made from organic and natural oils.

Here we match up TK's Eyebrow Extender with similar eyebrow shades as seen on celebrities. Which one are you?

Dark Black Eyebrows

Dark black eyebrow shade

Image: Scarlett Johansson

Chocolate Brown Eyebrows

Chocolate brown eyebrown shade

Image: Kim Kardashian

Espresso Brown Eyebrows

Espresso brown eyebrow shade

Image: Eva Longoria

Cappuccino Brown Eyebrows

cappuccino brown eyebrow shade

Image: Candice Swanepoel

Dolce Auburn Eyebrows

Blonde Eyebrow Shade

Image: Pinterest

TK's Eyebrow Extender will give you perfect eyebrows every time. All you have to do is choose your shade from the 5 available.




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