Your brows are actually the window to your soul, not your eyes! The shape and style of your brows can actually make or break your look. Here at TK’s Lashes and Cosmetics we believe in natural beauty, however we also believe in the power of a strong eyebrow and the empowerment that comes with ‘perfect brows’.

There is a new wave of ‘brow-lebrity’ out there today – celebrities who are pushing their unique style statements through power brows and statement arches. Women like Emilia Clarke, Rita Ora and our favourite, Cara Delevigne. Of course, they have access to star stylists and we don’t. Not to worry though…here are our top 4 eyebrow mistakes you commonly make and what to do instead to achieve perfect brows. We also have a special offer available for you, so read on!


Image: Benefit Cosmetics

Mistake 1: Removing 'unibrow' hair and creating too big of a gap

Nobody likes a unibrow and we should remove unwanted hairs from our eyebrow gap however exercise caution! Do not pluck/wax/thread more than you need to. You will end up with an unnatural look.

Instead: hold a makeup brush vertically between your outer nostril and/or the inner corner of your eye. This is the limit of where you should remove hair.


Image: Eduardo Gallegos via 500px

Mistake 2: Colouring your hair and eyebrows the same colour

Your colour does not have to match (and please don’t use hair colour on your brows it is the wrong product) and actually looks better with a slight contrast. In the case of bottle blondes you can really make a statement by keeping your natural brown brows or trying one of several TK’s Eyebrow Enhancer shades to create a look of contract be it subtle or strong.



Mistake 3: Sparsely-haired eyebrows

Some women over pluck their brows, others have naturally sparse or thin eyebrows. Either way, sparse brows can look a little unloved when they don’t need to.

Instead: Invest in a good eyebrow pencil or try a ‘one stop shop’ product like TK’s Eyebrow Extender (with micro fibres) which has been used by thousands of women to enhance their eyebrow colour, shape, shade, texture and thickness.


Image: Tracy O’Connor via Livestrong

Mistake 4: Don’t over tweeze the tops of your brows

The result of over tweezing the tops of your eyebrows is that you can loose your natural arch, it can look messy and you don’t want to make a mistake!

Instead: only tweeze your unibrow, the bottoms or any stray hair that is well and truly out of place. Have you tried eyebrow waxing or threading? They are both excellent methods for achieving perfect brows without the stress of total disaster or brow-ageddon.

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Try TK's Eyebrow Enhancer for perfect eyebrows everytime. Master the art of the perfect brow and go for a natural arch, shade and texture. For sculpting and filling in perfect eyebrows with natural tiny fibres & natural Italian Mineral Clay. The ultra fine formulated powder is infused with pure sea minerals and a fine blend of herbs & precious ingredients. Soft powder finish (free hand or with brow stencil). Apply our brow extender directly onto brows where brows are needed. The Terra Powder in the product instantly fills in those less than perfect spots in the eyebrow. 

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