Are you looking for some of the best vegan and organic makeup products and brands to wear? Why not try TK's Cosmetics - vegan, organic and mineral based makeup made in Australia. An ethical approach to beauty for women of all ages!

There are many alternative cosmetic products that use vegan and organic ingredients. When it comes to cosmetics, plant based and mineral ingredients (animal-product free) trump animal based ingredients for several reasons. Many consumers are making the switch to more environmentally friendly choices to support animal-free and eco-friendly products. Where possible we select Certified Organic, Australian Produced ingredients, such as Certified Organic Shea Butter; Certified Organic Castor Oil; Certified Organic Sucrose; Certified Organic Jojoba Oil; Certified Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil... just to name a few.

4 reasons why you should be wearing vegan makeup.

    1) Plant-based and mineral-based natural ingredients are a superior alternative to animal based cosmetics. Plant based medicines and natural therapies have been used for centuries and inherently contain beneficial properties that sooth, calm and heal your skin. Ingredients such as shea butter, castor oil and jojoba oil have been used throughout the ages and are extremely beneficial to your skin.
      2) Our cosmetic range is not tested on animals. Why would you want to put an innocent animal through all sorts of pain and suffering just to wear a makeup product? Our cosmetic range is made in Australia and meets all criteria in relation to no animal-testing of ingredients and finished product.
        3) Cosmetics have been used right back to early civilisations such as ancient Egyptians and Greeks however they used natural ingredients from their surroundings. It has only been recently that the ingredients have changed dramatically and have been replaced with chemicals and other synthetic ingredients - the side effects of their use are often not know! Why risk it? Stick with what is natural.
          4) Do you know what the animal based ingredients featuring in so many modern cosmetic products actually are? If the following list of animal ingredients makes you feel uneasy, you know it is time to make the switch to vegan cosmetics.
              • Hyaluronic Acid. When animal-derived, a protein found in umbilical cords and the fluids around the joints. Used in cosmetics and some medical applications.
              • Shark Liver Oil. Used in lubricating creams and lotions.
              • Snails. In some cosmetics (crushed).
              • Turtle Oil. Sea Turtle Oil. From the muscles and genitals of giant sea turtles. In soap, skin creams, nail creams, other cosmetics. Alternatives: vegetable emollients.

            TK's Cosmetics are proud to bring to you a range of vegan, organic and mineral based cosmetics that are Australian made.

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