You can pluck your way to the perfect brow with these 4 tips. Well groomed eyebrows help to define your face, balance your features and enhance your eyes. Read more below to get our top 4 tips for perfectly plucked brows, how you can maintain this look and what you can do once you have plucked your way to perfection.

TK's Eyebrow Maintenance

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Plucking Perfection Tip 1

Find the start of your eyebrow! It may sound obvious, however when you locate the exact starting point of your eyebrow (or pluck away excess hairs to redefine a new starting point) you actually enhance the features of your face.

Start by holding your tweezers upside down and point the end down. Align the end of your tweezers with the outer edge of your nose. Hold your tweezers vertical and this will show you where your eyebrow should start. Using an eye-pencil, draw a faint vertical line to indicate the start of your brow. Pluck away the stray eyebrow hairs.

TK's Eyebrow Maintenance

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Plucking Perfection Tip 2

Find your end point. Using your tweezers, press them at an angle between your cheek to connect the outer edge of your nose and the outer corner of your eye. The point where your tweezers intersect your eyebrow shall become your end point! Mark this point with your eye-pencil and then pluck away excess hair.

You should now have a defined start point and end point to your eyebrows. Brow perfection is literally now only 2 steps away. Read on.

TK's Eyebrow Maintenance

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Plucking Perfection Tip 3

Adjust the thickness of your brow accordingly. Start with your eye-pencil and draw a line along the base of your eyebrow. You can either follow the natural curve of your eyebrow or, raise the middle slightly so that you accentuate a very cool eyebrow arch. Again, pluck away any hairs below your thickness indicating line. For thicker brows, make sure you draw your line a little lower under your eyebrow. For thinner eyebrows, you can raise the level of the line your draw slightly.

TK's Eyebrow Maintenance

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Plucking Perfect Tip 4

To raise your brow arch, place a dot in the middle of your eyebrow. This dot should be above the outer rim of your iris and also directly above your cheek bone. You can then remove a row of hairs from the point. After the arch peak is shaped, shape the tail of your eyebrow to a gentle taper.

Eyebrow Maintenance

Once you have created your desired shape it is simply a matter of now maintaining this look. A quick brow inspection once every 2 weeks and the removal of any unwanted regrowth should see your brows in a constant state of perfection.

We often have ladies asking us how to create the perfect brow. There are many elements that you can work on to get this right. Some commonly asked questions include:

What if I have thin eyebrow hair?

What if my eyebrow hair colour is too light?

How do I increase thickness in my brows?

How can I take my brows from day to night and achieve a completely different look?

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