Contouring without foundation? YES YOU CAN!

A New Contouring Trend is here!

Contouring Trend TKs Cosmetics

The trend of contouring has become a widespread phenomena, allowing women to sharpen both their facial and bodily features with simple swipes of darker foundation. But now, there is another way of contouring your face without the heaviness of an additional foundation. Using the product in question will not only contour your face with makeup, but ensure that look stays without it.

The product in question is tanning cream. Yes, you read that right. Hear us out - the advantage of contouring your face using this unorthodox product is the ability to build up the application as you please and it guarantees a natural finish.

To ensure the best results and more importantly give you the most control of application, the tanning cream must be thick. Here is what you need and how to create the look:

What you need:

  • Tanning cream
  • Angle brush
  • Stippling brush
  • Vaseline

Before you do anything, take note that your application of the method will depend on your skin tone - if you have fairer skin, lighter strokes are optimal whilst if you have a medium and darker skin tone, you can apply the cream with more weighty strokes.


  1. Apply a line of tanning cream sweeping up your cheekbone with an angle brush
  2. Blend out the tanning cream with your stippling brush


  1. Line your jaw with the cream using an angle brush
  2. Blend down the neck with careful strokes


  1. Apply vaseline along your hairline to stop any tanning cream from discolouring your hair
  2. Create guide lines with the cream before hair line using an angle brush
  3. Blend the cream with a stippling brush

OR dip stippling in tanning cream and do same


  1. Line your nose with the cream from the bridge to the tip and back up using an angle brush
  2. Blend out with your stippling brush

Allow the tanning cream to dry and if need be, follow with your usual makeup routine. To ensure your contouring lasts longer, apply twice a day.

And voila! Sharper, more striking features with or without makeup!

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Words by Christoffer Aguilar

Method courtesy of Mrs Jenn Marie (


Contouring Trend TKs Cosmetics


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