White eyeliner pencil tips and tricks

Best White Eyeliner Tips and Tricks

Ladies, here are our best tips and tricks we use to achieve maximum impact perfect brows and fresh eyes. All you need is a white eyeliner pencil to create an exemplary look and below are the techniques you need to take a walk on the white side.

After you apply your favourite eyebrow product (we suggest TK's Eyebrow Extender) and mascara or fibre lash extensions (TK's Fibre Lash Extensions) simply take a white eyeliner (we stock a Vegan and Organic White Eyeliner Pencil) and apply to the tops and bottoms of your brows. Highlight your eyes by using a white eye pencil on your brow bone to enhance the eyes, as shown below.

You then blend in the white with your eyeshadow/foundation/bronzer. You can even apply your white eyeliner around your eyelids and in the corner of your eyes to make your eyes look bright and fresh.


The key is to blend the white eye pencil into your makeup or natural skin colour.

White eyeliner for fresh vibrant eyes

You can also apply white eyeliner pencil to the inner eyes to create a fresh, young and vibrant look. Check out Blake Lively below who is an expert at the 'lit from within' look. You can get this look by blending your white eyeliner pencil into the inner corners and up onto the lids.

White eyeliner pencil tips and tricks

Image: Blake Lively

White eyeliner pencil has been used here for a dramatic splash of white on the upper eye lids of this model for Kenzo Spring 2014. This look is bold, fresh and angelic.

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