Do you want long, luscious lashes? Can you really be bothered with the mess, fuss and hot glue that comes with falsies? 

 Microfibre lashes are like extensions for your lashes. They can triple the length of your lashes in minutes!TK's Eyelash Extensions can open up your eyes to make you look younger and sexier, and they are the perfect accessory for a night out.I really like microfibre lashes as they deposit fibres directly onto your own lashes. I have used all kinds of mascaras and false lashes and my favourite by far are microfibre lash extensions. Instead of mixing the fibres with the mascara (like other products do), we have two tubes. One tube has the fibres and the second tube has our unique 'transplanting gel'. This is similar to a thick mascara.

Here is how I use microfibre lashes. First, I apply the transplanting gel and then I apply the fibres and follow up with a sealing coat of the gel again.
I then repeat this a few times until I achieve the long, luscious lashes and level of fullness that I like.
It's important to seal the fibres with the gel to ensure long lasting lashes. They will stay in place until you decide to wash them off.
Luxe - without leaving the comfort of your own home."
Mandee Jones - Director -TK's Lashes

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