Parisian Chic - It's In The Eyes

Paris Fashion Week is the pinnacle of fashion and beauty, and sets the course for what will and will not be chic for the season. From all the designers came an approach to makeup that is both soft and smouldering - smokey eyes with natural lips. Read below to see how you too can achieve this look - straight from Paris Fashion Week!

It’s no secret the smokey eye is a makeup must for every woman, but for Parisian designers to pair it with lips free of any punchy lipstick is a move that starts trends.


Whilst designers and labels from previous fashion weeks showed the look, nothing affirms a trend more than the most luxurious designers such as Chanel, Dries Van Noten, Stella McCartney and Lanvin. There’s a lot of emphasis on the natural this fashion season, and there’s no better way to make your natural look more hard-hitting than with eyes that dominate. Moisturised, nude lips paired with misty grey eyes is dynamic, and is in sync with the 60’s and 70’s comeback.

That in mind, the key to pulling off this look is ensuring the smokey effect around your eyes is to keep it more translucent than opaque. The subtle day look can easily be transformed into one for a night with the girls - simply layer on eyeshadow, particularly in the creases, to bring structure to your brows. Add texture and colour to your brows and of course, finish it off with long, luscious lashes, bold eyeliner and voila!

A diverse look that can be worn day or night, this look is the perfect way to bring a little bit of your wild side out, whilst staying well and truly Parisian chic.


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